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Kylie Hempy

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Can I suggest that the right way to think about our goals is to think about our ideal life? Walk with me through the following exercises to help you set a vision for your life, goals for your year, and set your priorities.

1. Can you picture with me for a second what it would look like to be living the life of your dreams in 10 years? What are you wearing? Where do you live? How are you able to give to others? What do you spend your time doing? How do you move your body? How do you worship? Who do you serve? Spend 30 minutes envisioning this ideal. Then map back. What does an ideal life look like in 5 years. Then ask yourself, what do I need to do this year in order to get to that ideal in 5 years. Work your way back in different areas of your life including; personal, spiritual, career, marriage, family, finances, and home.

2. Pick the 5 most important roles in your life. Do you want to be an entrepreneur? Or an amazing wife? Or a committed Christian? Great. Those are three. Now are you a mom? A daughter? A granddaughter. The goal of this exercise is to literally stack rank your roles, so you can prioritize your time accordingly and let go of commitments and obligations that are reflective of your relationship goals.

3. Spend some time thinking about who is on your Hometeam. This is the crew of people who you need and need you. Ideally, this would be under 10 people because these are the people who you need to make space for regularly in your life. Then map out how many times you want to see and connect with each of those people a year. Make sure you are making space for these amounts, if necessary cut time from other people, trips, and commitments.

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