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Julie Landreth

Contact: @julielandreth, @wifelab

 Julie is a speaker, an author, and someone who always seems to be learning new things. She's also a wife and a mom who recently relocated to Southern California. In this episode, we talk about making new friends, adjusting to a new place and the importance of adventure. 

Here are some of my favorite quotes from the show:

"It’s like when you go play in the sand and you lift the sifter and you shake it and all the sand falls out, and you get like 5 pieces that don’t fall through. That’s your treasure."

"You have to invite more and more and more. You’ll see what stays. And that’s your treasure. Those friendships become treasure."

"Everybody wants to be invited to do something. Who doesn’t like to be invited to a party? Everyone wants to feel included and a part of something.

"That’s the thing about social media. You imagine everyone is experiencing a more wonderful life than you and that’s not true."

"If you’re willing to say hard things, it gives them courage that they aren’t alone, and then they can share hard things too."

"Who am I? What makes me me? What makes me unique? How can I embrace that? How can I find the lies that have been spoken to me over the years and chase them down and not let them be the tapes that play in my head?"

"You want to protect friendships in such a way that you’re not always dumping on your friends. I can protect my friendships by having an outside person that I can talk to."

"My husband can’t be the only person I talk to about stuff. He doesn’t process things the same way I do. That’s a lot for him to have to hear. If I haven’t used my 10,000 words, and he comes home and I want to give him all my 10,000 words, that won’t work."

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