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2.2 Travel, Gaining New Skills, and Creating New Opportunities in Motherhood

Updated: Dec 21, 2020

In Episode 32, I'm chatting with Emi Rigby. Emi is a mom, blogger, a tech worker, and one of my favorite people to follow online.

I'm thrilled to share this week's conversation, with Emi Rigby. Emi is someone I've followed online since college when she ran a travel blog, and I've looked up to her ever since. She is positive, adventurous, and creative, and she never fails to inspire me with her various pursuits.

In addition to being a mom (of 3!), she's worked for Teach For America, Google, and a handful of other companies and creative ventures. In this episode, we talk about finding ways to build adventure into your weeks, managing career aspirations with motherhood, and carving out time for your own passions and pursuits.

I left our conversation feeling inspired to have a positive, proactive approach to motherhood and my vocational goals, and I know you will too.

Emi's Blog:

The Well Traveled Wife

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Emi's Favorite Books:

More Than Enough

The Language of Flowers

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