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30. Mid-Year Goals Check-in & Podcast Update

We’re almost exactly halfway through the year, so today, I’m going to talk about revisiting annual goals and reevaluating what is and isn't realistic in light of all of the changes and unexpected experiences 2020 has brought. 

I'll also share "state of the podcast" update and share my plans for the summer! 

On the show, I shared that I would pick a few of my favorite episodes from my show, and from other podcasts I love. Here are my recent favorites:

The Hometeam Podcast Favorites:

28. Sex, Intimacy & Tools For Educating Your Kids

21. Part 2: Quarantine & The Enneagram

15. Tools For Managing Anxiety, Work, and Motherhood

11. Life Vests, Mental Health & Postpartum Depression

Other Favorite Podcasts:

First Name Basis

This is my most recent binge. Jasmine, the host educates parents about how to engage their kids, and learn for themselves about racism and having uncomfortable conversations. She's been particularly helpful to me in this season of learning and researching discrimination in America, and what white allies can do.

The Balanced Life Podcast

Season 1 is one of my favorite series of podcasts I've found. It's all about mom's getting into the nitty gritty about how they balance their families, faith, fitness, and work. Truthfully, it's been more focused on Robin's pilates program the last few episodes, but she had some fantastic, inspiring guests a while back if you are willing to scroll.

10 Things to Tell You

Laura is like a big sister to all of her listeners... she is funny, but has a depth to her that makes for great podcast content. She's constantly asking herself good questions, and invites her listeners to do the same.

Today By The Way

This is a short and sweet podcast that is lighthearted and fun to listen to. It's kid safe, so it's a great podcast for driving, and the host Indiana (also a guest on the Hometeam Podcast) is a breath of fresh air and happiness. Honestly, sometimes with everything going on in the world, I just need something light, and this is the perfect podcast for days that feel too heavy.

Hopefully the rest of my summer will look a lot like this:

I'll see you in September!

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