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29. My Favorite Recent Reads & Reflections On Author Diversity

Hello friends! This week, I'm taking a "pause" from guests, to talk about something I've been learning in my own life.

A couple years ago, as I in one of the first few classes in my counseling program, I realized that most of the authors who I was reading looked a lot like me, and had similar life experiences. Reading their words was easy, affirming, and restful. And honestly, I believe that there's a time and a place for that comfort. But I was also missing out on SO many people's stories by exclusively learning from people who looked and lived like me.

So about a year and a half ago, I started intentionally picking the books that I read with a lens towards diversity. This is not synonymous with anti-racist (we will talk about the importance of both on the show). Instead, reading from a diverse author pool means looking at things like culture, location, language, sexuality, mental health and physical and mental health experiences.

As I've broadened the diversity of authors I learn from, I've noticed I've increased my empathy for people from different backgrounds, and I've also learned that my perspective isn't the only perspective. I'm not always "right" and the vision, dreams, and individualist nature that comes naturally to me isn't the best or most healthy perspective for all.

This is incredibly important for my future role as a therapist, but I'd suggest it's an important skill for us all.

Books Recommended On The Show:

Funny, You Don’t Look Autistic - Michael McCreary

A Woman Is No Man - Etaf Rum

Untamed - Glennon Doyle

Be the Bridge - Latasha Morrison

The Magnolia Story - Chip & Joanna Gaines

24/6 - Tiffany Shlain

Anti-Racist Resources I've been leaning on:

So You Want To Talk About Systemic Racism

First Name Basis Podcast

Race Forward

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