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28. Sex, Intimacy & Tools For Educating Your Kids

This is one of my favorite episodes so far because I know it's going to be valuable for so many of you.

My guest for Episode 28 is Holly Osment, LMFT, LPCC. Professor Osment is a mom of 2, a private practice sex psychotherapist, and an adjunct professor in my grad program at Santa Clara University.

Her Human Sexuality class has opened my mind and educated me in so many ways I didn't anticipate, and I'm thrilled she agreed to share her knowledge with my community.

In this episode, we talk about the gaps in sex education, the importance of knowing your anatomy, the shame and secrecy around sexuality in our culture, and how to talk to your kids about sex.

Book Recommendations:

Sex Matters For Women

The V Book

The Guide To Getting It On

Podcast Recommendations:

Amaze Jr. Podcast

Sex Positive Families

Learn more about Professor Osment

As I mentioned on the show, I'm looking to diversify podcast guests. While I'm doing some of my own research and planning, I'd love to know of any recommendations you have! If anyone comes to mind, you can fill out a submission here.

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