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27. Paying Attention To The Effects of Content & Living Honestly

Have you felt horrible after listening to a podcast, reading a book, or scrolling social media, and the news?

In this episode, Mandy Santos and I chat about how to notice the effects of the content you're consuming. She offers practical tips and shares her own experience of learning to discern what is and isn't healthy to engage with.

Mandy is an author, grad student, the Director of Lifegroups at, and a wife and mom of 5. In our conversation, she shares wisdom from all the different arenas of life she participates in.

Check Out Mandy's Study, Living Honestly & her website here.

Mandy's Favorite Books:

Surprised By Hope

The Great Alone

Mandy's Favorite Podcasts:

Ask N.T. Wright Anything

Cary Nieuwhof Leadership Podcast

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