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2.3 Navigating The Unexpected With Faith And Vulnerability

This week, I'm sharing a conversation with Amanda Auer.

Amanda is a mom of 4, who walked through a heart transplant with one of her daughters two years ago.

Throughout their hospital stay, Amanda documented their journey online, providing updates to friends and family, and inviting people into their hospital experience, fears, and the process of figuring out what was wrong and how best to care for her daughter. I stumbled across her page during middle-of-the-night feedings with Roo, and was shocked and inspired by her words and faith.

Amanda's honesty and vulnerability as she walked through a season that would be any mom's worst nightmare captivated thousands, and she continued writing online as her daughter and family healed.

In this episode, we talk about trauma, allowing our kids to take risks, and choosing to believe in God in the midst of our hardest seasons.

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