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18. Body Image, Culture, and Knowing Your Worth

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In this episode, we talk about cultural influence on body image, what it’s like to unlearn cultural standards, and practical ways to be more comfortable in your own skin. We also cover red flag disorder eating behaviors to look for in yourself and friends, and importantly for all of us moms; how to talk to your kids about food and their bodies so that they are set up for success when it comes to body image.

My guest is Maddy Greenburg (, @maddygreendburg). Maddie is a mom, a cs wizard, and an eating disorder surviver. In our conversation, she is vulnerable and honest in sharing about her experience with eating disorders and what she has learned throughout her recovery process.

Book Recommendation: Unbroken

Eating Disorder Resources: NEDA

Here are some of my favorite quotes & tips from the show:

"I always thought dieting was good. If your body doesn’t look like the ideal, you should be dieting. But… dieting harms so much more than it helps."

"Most women don’t realize that the way they speak about tier bodies has an impact on the people around them."

"My body is an instrument, not an ornament."

"Children are the best intuitive eaters. Children will tell you when they aren’t hungry anymore. Trust them."

"Our size is one of the least important things, if not the least important thing about us."

"I won’t always be where I am right now. But I can accept where I’m at, move forward, and be loving and accepting."g of myself.

How To Practice Self-Love On A Bad Body Image Day

  • Buy clothes that fit your body in the size you are right now.

  • Donate what doesn’t fit

  • Breathing techniques

  • Spend as little time in front of the mirror as possible. Don’t fixate on the way you look, go do things! Live your life.

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