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14. Should You Go To Therapy? And What To Expect When You Get There

In Episode 14, we're talking about all things therapy! I truly believe that in some point in every single person's life, they could benefit from therapy. I wish I had gotten started soon in my own life, and because of this, I'm passionate about breaking down barriers that keep people from scheduling an appointment.

From what I've found, fear of the unknown is what keeps most people out of therapy. We know what to expect when we go to the doctor for a cold, but we have no idea what it looks like physically and emotionally to engage with mental health care.

My goal for this episode is to demystify the process. We will address:

- why go to therapy?

- what is unique about therapy?

- what should you expect in your first session?

- how long does it take?

Books that can help familiarize you with the process and the vocabulary of therapy:

Try Softer

Maybe You Should Talk To Someone


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